Welcome to AWordFromHisWord.org This organization was started in 1999 with the help of local chapter 920 churches. Our goal was to use the internet to help bring the word of god closer to you. We hope these words not only touch you but provide a great deal of hope and inspiration in your everyday lives. We now are sending a certified nursing assistant overseas to help with out cause of a better world.


For 2012, we have gathered a group of large volunteers to help with charities in our local and national communities. We have had some overwhelming success and plan on doing this again in 2013 and we’re looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or contribute please contact us. The word of God from awordfromhisword.org is the best resource for the latest teachings of our pastor. For 2013 we’ve partnered up with e-cigsguide as our latest partner and sponsor. Our latest shopping trip was well worth it, one of the most needed things was a receipt scanner which we found a deal at this site this has save us a lot of space in our limited cabinets. A new site called http://topshelfgreencoffeebeans.com has just emerged to help people lose weight with green coffee beans, check them out.